The Stoked Inc. Story

17  years of shifting seascapes and changing landscapes – 1999 to 2016.

Mr. Jose Vito Luis Borromeo, the President of Stoked Inc. opened his first shop in Rockwell named “Stoked, Inc. by Nothing But Water” which carries branded swimwear and board shorts. Stoked, Inc. and Nothing But Water were partners only for the area alone, both partners carried their own individual brands of which Stoked Inc.

It was July 2003, when Nothing But Water and Stoked, Inc. parted ways and since then, Stoked Inc. managed to accommodate the whole shop alone in Rockwell.  November of the same year, under another consignment contract, Stoked Inc. opened up at Cinderella.

In celebration of Stoked Inc.’s 10th year Anniversary the company acquired Rip Curl brand. In April 2012, Stoked opened its very first Rip Curl store in Alabang Town Center. During this transition, Sir JV Borromeo came up with Stoked Inc. house brand. Right now, Stoked brand has developed board shorts with poly suede and 4 way stretch series, swimwear, rash guards, tees, tank tops, and walk shorts for men and women. Stoked Inc also carries an array of accessories like luggages, beach bags, backpacks, wallets caps, stickers, surf boards, wake boards, skateboard and all the accessories that come with it.

Stoked Inc’s newly showcased line is the STKD surf moto that caters not only to the active lifestyle enthusiast but also the lifestyle. It’s the combination surfing and motorcycle.

“Stokedinc is profoundly grateful to all who joined in our journey.

For bravely blazing trails and busting down the portals of the wake, skate,  surf and surf moto universe.

For soaring off wakes and ramps  with innovation and imagination.

For shearing pavement and shredding skin with unabashed joy.

For chasing the everlasting summers, if only for that one sweet succulent surf session.

For living a life, stoked…and for being Stoked on life.”